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Watch Aram’s Presentation to City Council About the Future of their library.


Services Offered by the GCPL

The purpose of the Public Library is much more than to provide access to books; our mission is to enrich our communities and improve quality of life for the citizens.

We do that by offering technologies, tools, and resources to help students and the rest of the community succeed in school, in work, and in life.
The GCPL not only has “regular” books, we have Large Print books, Audiobooks on CD, downloadable print and audiobooks, Music on CD, Movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, and much more.
We can help you research an herbal remedy, get you instructions for a tricky automobile repair, or help you with your homework.
We have access to a number of databases that will help you find your next great book, movie, or craft project. We offer online courses through Lynda.com which you may access for free with your library card. You can learn accounting, take a cooking course, or learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. There are over 400 courses for you to choose FOR FREE!
Below are some of the basic things that the Genoa City Public Library has to offer the residents of Genoa City.
*Public-access to Genoa City Public Library Wi-Fi high-speed internet access.
*Use the Share Consortium Catalog on your computer or download the BookMyne App to your Smart Phone to find books, movies, magazines, and more…
*Access to downloadable E-books and E-audio books through the OverDrive app. You can download “Libby” to your smart device for a smoother OverDrive experience
*Borrow books from other libraries within the Lakeshores Library System using the SHARE Catalog. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, talk to a member of the library staff and we can search the entire State of Wisconsin, and sometimes beyond.
*Desktop computers and a printer for public use.
*We have a limited supply of certain State and Federal tax forms available in the library. We may also print tax forms for you if you need a form we do not have on hand.
 (Please remember, we are librarians, not accountants or tax professionals. We will help you find the form you request, but we cannot tell you which forms you need, nor can we assist you with completing them).
*An All-in-One printer, copier, scanner, and fax for public use, although a staff member MUST assist you. 
Please ask if there is something you need that is not described on this list. Even if you are “absolutely sure” that we can’t help you. You will be pleasantly surprised, even AMAZED, at what the 21st Century Genoa City Public Library can do for you!
In order to cover the cost of ink, toner, paper, cleaning solution, etc., we have a SUGGESTED DONATION of the following amounts for each service:
Photocopies & Computer Printouts ……………..…..………..………..$0.20 cents per page                         Copy & Print on Scrap Paper …………….……..$0.10 cents per page        High-quality Fiber Paper for Cover letters, resumes, and other printouts requiring higher quality paper…..…$0.50 cents per page 
Fax ..……….……..……………….….…… $1.00 for 1st page
            – Additional Pages………….……………………$0.25 cents per page
Scan Document and E-mail Ser…….…..At-Will-Donation 
CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc Cleaning…..……..$1.00 per disc

 Policy on Payment for Services

Though the prices indicated are SUGGESTED DONATIONS ONLY, and you are not obligated to pay for a reasonable number of copies, we sincerely appreciate your donations. All donations collected from the above services directly benefit the Genoa City Public Library in purchasing items not typically in the budget and/or are deposited into the Genoa City Public Library Building Fund. Through the GCPL Building Fund, we hope that we may one day build a larger, more advanced library in order to serve the changing needs of the residents of Genoa City.
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