Collection Management Strategy

So, I’ve heard a rumor going around that people think that we are getting rid of all books that are over two (2) years old. This is NOT TRUE! 

It is true that in order to maintain a healthy collection and make room for new books that we do have to go through the collection and remove things that are old and do not get checked out. 

We have a sophisticated report generator that can sort the collection by item type (children/adult/teen) and then filter those results based on criteria that I enter.

Currently, we are weeding (removing) items from the fiction section that are older than 10 (years) and that have been checked out one (1) time or zero (0) times in the last five years. 

So, to summarize, to be considered for removal, first, the item must be older than ten (10) years. Then, the items must have been checked out only once or zero times in the last five years. We do consider the historical value of the item once we have viewed it. 

These books will then be offered for sale at the annual Book Sale, the date for which has not yet been determined. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or a member of the library team. There is a “contact form” on this website, and our phone number and email address are listed as well. 

Have a great week!

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